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Reduce the Spread of Fire with Our Fire-Stop Products and Services

Do you want to seal openings and joints in a fire-resistance rated wall in your office? Your search ends with Hebrew Quality Insulation located in Salisbury. Be confident in our work, because we’ll take every step possible to prevent the spread of fire, smoke and other toxic gas with our high-quality fire-stop options.


The two types of fire-stop solutions we have are: fire caulking and foil radiant barrier. When you choose to work with us, you’re choosing a company that is backed with years of experience, so have peace of mind knowing that a qualified team is here for all your fire-rated installation requirements.

Fire caulking – is a smoke and fire stopping sealant that follows the same principle as traditional caulk. These products have properties that absorb the heat and provide a barrier against fire and smoke.  


Foil radiant barrier – the radiant barrier are usually installed in the attic to reduce heat gain in the summer and heat loss during winter. It consists of a highly reflective material that reflects heat rather than absorbing it.